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Mary Beth & LuluBella
Mary Beth Sasso
& LuluBella

My life. My love. My Art.

I find art to be a journey of self-discovery, allowing me to appreciate the beauty of life in all that surrounds me. My specialty is pastel painting, which I love for its pure pigmentation, allowing me to capture any subject's true essence. Every painting I create fills me with contentment, and I’m constantly amazed at the inspiration the world provides me for my art.

My art is not merely a creation; it is an extension of my soul, an invitation to explore the beauty that surrounds us and lies within us all.

Art has been my passion since childhood and is a source of joy and inspiration. I have a natural talent for drawing, which led me to pursue a career in the arts. At 14, I began studying under the tutelage of Claudia Post, Master Pastelist, and gained much knowledge about artistic development from her as my mentor.

I received a B.A. in Graphic Design from Central Connecticut State University, where I honed my design skills even further. For over 30 years, I worked as a graphic designer, creating visually captivating designs that resonate with audiences. In 2008, I returned to my love of fine art, which has been a transformative experience for me. 

My studio, located in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut, is a peaceful and inspiring place where I can explore various styles and techniques to showcase my creativity. I have a particular affinity for working with pastels, but I also use watercolor, oils, graphite, and charcoal to create unique and expressive pieces. 

My art is focused on capturing the essence of people, animals, and the natural world. I strive to reveal my subjects' inner beauty and depth through finely composed portraiture and plein-air paintings. 

As a mentor, I can share my passion with students of all ages. I teach beginner and intermediate levels the fundamentals of pastel painting and basic drawing skills, helping them nurture their creativity. In addition to my other professional endeavors, I hold the position of adjunct faculty member at Santa Rosa Junior College in California; I am fortunate to have the opportunity to teach the fascinating and rewarding field of art.

In addition to teaching, I am also a certified yoga teacher. I find that the synergy between art and yoga is incredibly powerful, providing a meditative and creative experience that benefits the mind, body, and spirit. Overall, my art is an extension of my soul, and I am grateful to be able to share it with others.



  • Five Points Arts

  • Northwest Connecticut Arts Council

  • New Britain Museum of American Art 

  • Connecticut Pastel Society

  • Pastel Society of the West Coast

  • Petaluma Arts Center

  • Creative Sonoma

  • Luther Burbank Center for the Arts 


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Perspectives on Nature:

Through an Artist's Eyes

Maple & Main Gallery

Chester, CT


Autumn Light Studio & Gallery

Avon CT

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015


Petaluma Arts Center Juried Show

Petaluma, CA

2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019


AQUS Cafe Foundry Wharf

Art Exhibit

Petaluma, CA



AQUS Cafe Foundry Wharf

Small Works Exhibit

Petaluma, CA 

2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Spring Lake Village

Santa Rosa, CA

2018, 2020

AQUS Cafe Foundry Wharf

Vessels Exhibit

Petaluma, CA


Sebastopol Library

Sebastopol, CA



Vintage House

Sonoma, CA


Santa Rosa Junior College

Mahoney Library

Petaluma, CA


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